Trouble with Database options not showing up

Hey all, hopefully a quick one. I’ve been trying to add a ‘like’ function to my app’s posts, however when I put an icon (heart) overlaying the post I can’t make it change based on aspects related to “current post” (e.g. Visibility → will be visible if → current post’s ‘liked by’ users → contains → the current user). My database has ‘current post’ parameters, as well as a many-to-many relationship between users and posts for ‘liking’ and ‘being liked by’, but that option just doesn’t come up?

I assume this means I have to link the icon to the current post in some way, but Grouping them doesn’t seem to do it and the in-list button 1) isn’t where I want it to be and 2) can’t be controlled for visibility without also affecting the main list.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Images attached (hopefully?) below showing my issue.

Hi @Hearthian,

Welcome to the forum!
It seems that your icon isn’t part of the list. You can see that it is shown only on the 1st list item. When an element is a part of the list, it is replicated on each list item in the builder.

Best regards, Victor.

Hey Victor,

Thank you for the welcome and your fast response. How do I add this icon to be a part of the list? Or do I have to use the supplied “Button 1” and “Button 2” options? For the reasons I mentioned I would prefer a free-floating option like the one I’ve used.


@Hearthian ah ok, you’re not using custom list. Then you can’t add any component into this list and you must use a built-in buttons (button 1 / 2) or icons (icon 1 / 2).

If you’re not happy with the provided layout you can build your own Custom list and place elements whenever you like.

Best, Victor.

Oh great, I’ll have a go with the custom lists then. Thank you!!

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