Limit user signup to specific domain

Is it possible to limit user sign ups to those from a certain domain only? My user db is a collection within Adalo, if that matters.


Would you be able to clarify if you mean from certain domains for email? such as etc?

Correct, I’m looking to limit app use to those within our company’s email domain. Exactly as you have guessed, such as limiting to

Thank you.

Here is my idea on this. You would need to create a custom sign up form.

For example for single email domain, I would use an input field where I would ask for the user’s email first part. Then place a text next to it such as Then upon pressing the button you would sign the user up as input field +

For multiple domains, you could place an input field + dropdown with the domains that can be selected and on sign up: email = input + dropdown value

I would also add some email validation after the sign up flow.


Mine was a bit of an overkill :smiley: However the solution I provided with the dropdown would allow for multiple domains to be included just in case someone needs it. But for single domains @oper2k solution is easier and more elegant

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Just some updated points on this. The method “contains your domain” could lead to users still able to sign up. Lets say your domain is

Users would be able to sign up with,, because “contains” does not limits to the domain. It checks the entire email.

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But if we changed contains to, to **@** it should work correct?

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Yes, that should work.

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