Limitations compared to

I have been using bubble for months and am just fed up with many aspects of it.

Reading on the forums a bit, I noticed people talking about limitations. Are there any examples limitations in adalo that might be really frustrating compared to other platforms?

@solidad I have never given bubble much thought because their pricing gets high quickly for just a semi-successful app and according to their forums the performance suffers greatly.

As far as Adalo, I’m new to it, but I am a paid subscriber. It is a young platform and since it’s a young platform it is missing features, but the Adalo team seems quick to add features and make improvements. You can read through the forum and see their interaction with the community. I like that and gave them my hard earned dollar in the meantime while I learn this platform. Will I be here for the long term? I don’t know, but I hope the two of us become a good fit.