Adalo and

Hello! I’m new here and so ready to build my app idea.

I want to build a on-demand service app with merchants offering their services. There is a lot of great tutorials out there and I think it shouldn’t be a problem.
But I also want a web front-end for customers to order online too… Would you guys recommend creating that part + a admin panel in or should it be fine in Adalo?
And would I then use or Adalo as master DB? And can I authenticate the users?

Adalo is almost there for everything you need to do. My experience is that it is more straightforward, cheaper and faster than Bubble (both page loading and development). A few of the things you’re after are on the roadmap and (apparently) due in the coming year ( - if you’re in a hurry for very flexible functionality, you’ll need to use Bubble, but otherwise I’d recommend Adalo!


I attempted to explore as well before but I got lost in the actions. So far, after building several small apps with Adalo, yes there are limitations but hey, there are lots of ready to use features as well that we can use to launch an actual working app. So I also recommend Adalo. :sparkling_heart:

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Thanks guys! Feel a lot more confident now :smiley: Been spending the last couple of days re-searching this :slight_smile:

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Give it a try @alexid95! Let us know what you think! And welcome to the Adalo Community!

Thanks! Gonna follow a tutorial later today :slight_smile: