First Impressions (2 easy questions)

Wow! I’m VERY impressed. Been watching and waiting for something like Adalo. Looks very similar to but without all those weird bubbles and “things”. The biggest problem I have with is the how you end up tied into their hosting, which gets VERY expensive.Tooling around Adalo I read this, “Upgrade to a Paid plain to connect your app to 3rd party data sources.” I LOVE the fact that I’m not going to be dependent on Adalo for my hosting. And… any mySQL server will do! Perfect.

So… here’s a couple of quick newbie questions:

1- I can’t see to find the MyApps page: from the Canvas Editor OR from root web page. From the root, I click, Log In and it skips right over the MyApps page and loads the last app I was working on. (I’d like to delete the apps I no longer need.)

2- Also when I’m in the Canvas Editor, how to I close and return to the My Apps page. I’ve looked everywhere. Could this be because I’m using Chrome on Windows 10?

Welcome @Townsend

  1. I think they maybe deprecated that screen since you can get to any app at any time using the dropdown in the header. I’m using Chrome on MacOS and I don’t have that option either but I think it’s just b/c it’s gone and not necessary.
    good luck
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Thanks @grid7 That worked! Just as you have it pictured.

Oh… another thought on first impressions. There are dozens of no-code development platforms out there. Most are ghost towns. If there is no forum, that means there are problems they’d rather not be made public. This also applies to the platforms that only offer help through support tickets. Forget them. Rule one: if there’s no forum activity it’s not a viable product.

So… even though Adalo is new, I see LOTS of forum activity!! Rule two: well… I have more rules for evaluating a development platform, all where Adalo shines. Great news for me… and you! But… this is a Help category.

I’ll wait until there is a some kind of Discussion category to continue this kind of marketing rhetoric.