I’m trying to make a Limited signup system.

I would like to allow those people who have already submitted their email address to sign up.(I already found the solution with the help of people here thanks!)

Also, each person belongs to a team and they can only see information about their team. In order to keep their privacy, I don’t want to allow them to sigh up as a member of other teams.

How can I solve this problem?

Thank you so much your help!

Hi @Yuka,

Reg. teams - a good idea might be to introduce a new collection, say, Teams. This collection contains Team Name property and a relation to Users collection (if a user can be a member of only one team - One to Many).

And then you need to set up the rest of your app having this “Teams” collection in mind (i.e. if you display something to user - add a filter based on a team).

It is difficult to provide more detailed advice - the question is too generic :slight_smile:

As for your first question, I think there was a forum thread where the signup with limiting users by emails was explained.


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