Allow users to create groups and then invite to group via email?

Hello all, I’m working on an app, and I am wondering if anyone would know how I can allow users to create and name a group, then invite people via email? They would then join, create account/login and be part of the same group. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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When the user creates the name for the group you would have to create a record in a collection. (Probably called Groups). Then create a relational property with the users collection that allows for many users to a group.

Then everytime the user creates an “invite” by entering the users email you would have to actually create a user with those details in your user collection. Don’t forget to also attach this user to the related group record.

Then you would need to use a custom action to send that user an email. to login to the app. You could now do a check the first time a user logs in to the app and force them to update their profile details (especially password). Then you could forward them on to a screen that displays the group they were invited to.


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