I have another question that I have to address in Adalo, and this is crucial to continue with the solution.

I use a low-code tool that I’ve been working on for some time.
And I have some systems already made for the WEB, with the POSTGRES database.

This same tool has an option to generate applications for Android and iOS but it is much more complex, and
for this case I would like to use Adalo to connect to my solution made in WEB.

For example, I would inform the postgres bank endpoint, where it would be available on Adalo
all tables available for Mobile?

In the same way when I create a WEB Template in Adalo, and I want to take advantage of it for mobile, in the advanced tab I can select
the WEB application and all tables are presented.

For example, I have an AWS Amazon, whose bank is POSTGRES and I have an endpoint for connection, along with the access port to the database.

In Adalo you have the option of External Collection. If so, how could you make that connection to the bank?

I look forward to a priority from you regarding this!

I look forward to this return!



Hi Clecio,

It was a bit hard for me to follow what your request was. Perhaps you could explain it in more detail in a step by step manner with some screenshots if possible. Also please include any links to the API’s you are trying to access for your external collection.

That way someone from the community may have a way to help you.