Link Back doesn't work anymore

I have a modal where you can submit a file and a text to a chatscreen.

It does a couple of actions when pressing the button.

Since yesterday the last action (Linking back to the chatscreen) doesn’t work anymore and the user gets stuck in this screen:

Does anyone know what could be the cause and how I can fix it?

Hi @Toms,

This is an (already) old and annoying bug which was introduced when Instant Navigation feature became available. Unfortunately this bug was never fixed.
You can try to disable “Instant navigation” and see if it helps. To access this setting, click on three dots to the right of “Click Actions”.


Thank you so much @Victor , that did the trick.
I hope they will solve the bug soon. Is there somewhere I can upvote this?

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Hi @Toms,

You can do some search on the forum, there were a couple of threads about it - maybe you still can leave the comment.
But the best way will be to submit a support ticket: Submit a Support Ticket

Best regards, Victor.