"Instant Navigation" causes app to freeze

Some buttons of my app that have a set of actions plus a Back link will go to the loading screen when pressed, and then during the “back” transition will freeze.

The only solution is to have those actions with conditions, but that will slow down the app and I’ll need to do it in every screen, which is not very reasonable.

How can this be fixed?

Hello, can you please take a screenshot of the error and the actions that you have set, so i can figure out the issue and give you the right solution. Thank you

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Hey, I have a support ticket in with Adalo dev team with the same problem. I will write here when I hear if it’s fixed or not.

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Here it is. It froze here, as it was sliding right.
And this is not even the screen it’s supposed to go “back” to. This is the one before that.

The button is supposed to update an Event, so the actions in the button are:

  • Update the event
  • Trigger Notification to participants
  • Create a new message in the event
  • Link Back.

Okay, thank you for providing more information. Is there any screen of these that is modal?
If there’s at least one i guess you should replace “link back” to “link to a specified screen”

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Neither is a modal, unfortunately.
And I try to avoid linking to a specific screen instead of Back due to the Android back button.

And btw it happens in other screens and buttons with a Link Back as well, not just here.

Thanks, much appreciated.
In your case is it also just with Back links?

Yes same case as you. App freezes about 3 screens deep after clicking back on the 3rd. I noticed if you remove the custom actions or actions it works fine. Like you the app freezes not even on the correct screen the app is supposed to go back to. I suggest you share a screen recording, the app ID and the exact location it happens to Support (with test credentials). This will help greatly to identify the issue for the Adalo team.

I’ll try to record it, although it doesn’t always happen on a given screen.
Have you had additional feedback from Adalo?

Hi all,

Sorry that this is happening! We’re looking into the tickets we’ve received about this and we’re unable to replicate this issue on our end (also doesn’t help that it’s intermittent). We’re actively working on isolating this but if there are any patterns that you could help us with, it would be great.

We would not be able to give updates on the forum but we’re working on this and if you have a ticket sent in, we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop. If not, you can send one in here with the details: Submit a support ticket.

Thank you for your patience & cooperation!


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It just happened to me again, in a button where I still hadn’t put conditions.

Like @iAppsNi said: it’s when you’re “about 3 screens deep, after clicking back on the 3rd”, in a button that has additional actions besides de Link Bank, with at least one of which without conditions, which triggers the loading screen.

Just a thought: it happens when you’re 3 screens deep after clicking on a list item - it may coincide with the screen where the “Current List Item” data is no longer available and we’re trying to get back to a screen (the “2nd” screen) where it still should be available.

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Hi everyone,

I’ve stumbled upon the same issue and decided to share my findings (as of 20 Sep 2022):

  • This issue happens when Instant Navigation is turned on
  • This issue happens when you have several actions and “Link Back” action as a final one
  • Seems it doesn’t depend on a transition type
  • It happens no matter how many action does a button have - even one action causes problems
  • Making actions conditional / non-conditional doesn’t help (happens anyway)
  • Seems it somehow related to Create or Update actions
    → I have another screen with Delete action and Instant navigation = on, it works normally
  • Disabling instant navigation solves the problem, BUT
  • For a Form disabling instant navigation does not work, so the problem is still there.

These findings may be specific to the exact app (although I’ve created the components from scratch). I’d be happy to hear if other had similar / different findings.


In the 2 instances in two different apps I found all of the above are true and relate to my issue also. Great job deep diving into it ! @Adalo_CXTeam I don’t believe this was ever bottomed out?

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Hey iAppsNi!

We are working on gathering instances of this behavior to determine if it’s one cause or multiple.

Currently, it’s been mostly happening on Native builds but we have seen a few instance on PWA. Unfortunately, there isn’t one consistent setup causing the issue making it difficult to reproduce on the back end.

If you can submit a support ticket with details and any examples you have, that would be very helpful!


Hey @Adalo_CXTeam,

Is there any update on this? For me the bug is still there and is very annoying.

In the PWA this bug is easily reproduced:

  • add a screen with a list of something, add “create button”
  • link it to a screen with a form which adds data to this list, and then an action link back
  • launch something heavy on your desktop (e.g. full screen video recording or a live Zoom call)
  • start adding data using this form.
    After several iterations you’ll get to this “freezed” screen.

Note: disabling instant navigation for the form still do not work.

Best regards, Victor.

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Hey @Victor I don’t have an update on this yet but I will be sure to let you know as soon as we do!


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