Link is just not working

I’ve set up an application process that takes in a few variables prior to implementing a conversation.

Everything was working fine but when I click to submit now the link to an inbox fails after working previously. I didn’t make any changes in the way this should be implemented I only added properties to the conversation collection.

In what way is it not working anymore? Can you give some further details so that I can investigate the issue.

What properties did you add?

Which app is this for?

A few weeks ago I had asked for help in regard to payment confirmation after an item/service seller receives request of purchase for a specific duration of service.

The item buyer would enter in a start date , end date and the number of days for a service. This creates an avenue of conversation by creating a new message in the sellers inbox(conversation list) that both the buyer and seller can access. When a buyer submits a request the button only ques the item but no longer creates a message or a conversation that both users are apart of. I did not change anything in terms of how it was working prior.However, I have added true/false properties input for forms to put input at the of end service.

I retraced my steps to make sure everything was input correctly and I had no missing data variables. The conversations just stopped opening.

Which app are you experiencing this on? I will take a look.

I’m experiencing it on a website app called Rendr. Here is the link, I’m testing out he transaction process but steps that i thought i took care of are holding me back at the moment.{}

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you @adalouser500. I tried to reproduce this but could not. Has the issue resolved itself somehow or you fixed it yourself?

Hi Colin,

I think the issue may have been on the backend from something I can’t see. I decided to take a break,come back and everything ended up working fine! Thanks for following up.
Side note:
Is there any update in regard to locations gps and user distributed subscriptions? I’m really looking forward to implementing those components!

I do not have a timeframe available for you I’m afraid.

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