Something changed in Adalo

Besides texts inputs that no longer can be set to empty, many actions that were working before, no longer work.
In my latest case, actions triggered by clicking on list items simply don’t happen.

We can’t keep checking every action in the entire app every time we want to make new builds; this isn’t reliable…

What happened?

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Chiming in here only to agree… something got changed and previously working components on my app completely started acting all broken, seemingly overnight and without any other changes between working/not working.

I can’t super complain cause I’m using the free version to learn/make sure it’s works for what I need first, but its discouraging and will probably prevent me from signing up for a paid plan (If Adalo reads this, I was on a launch deadline for the usecase I was aiming for, otherwise I’d patiently wait for it to be resolved… just bad timing.).

I hope they get this all figured out as they continue to grow! I was absolutely loving learning on this platform up until then.

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My most complex actions stopped working and I had to completely re-build them in a different way

Hey @afonso @Jomibu,

This is a known bug that Adalo is currently working on & should be fixed this week. :slight_smile:


Hi @James_App_Maker

Which part? Just the clear input value, or the rest as well?

Let me give an example of what’s happening to me:

  • I have a button to create a new Message in a Conversation but, in order not to have a big waiting time, I’ve linked it to a loading screen with a Lottie and then back to the previous screen.

  • The button simply creates a new Message with the text equal to the text input and then immediately goes to the loading screen.

  • There, is where I update that new Message to determine which Conversation it belongs to and whose the Author, as well as update the Conversation and trigger a Notification.

  • What happens is that the Message is created in the database but the update doesn’t happen and the Message is not linked to any Conversation or Author. It was working fine before.

Has Adalo identified what’s the issue here?

Cool! Loving the platform and looking forward to using and learning from it in the future!

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Thanks @James_App_Maker ,

It seems that you are the only who is brave enough to acknowledge this as soon as possible and declare it in public.

I have been fighting invisible enemy for the last 2 weeks, here and there, but never have the courage to say anything of the risk being negative.

Invisible also means difficult to get proof. :grinning:


Thanks! :slight_smile: it does take some courage.