Linked data current *Item* missing

Something weird is happening. I set up a list that SEEMS to be sending its ‘current’ item data to a linked screen.

However, that data isn’t getting to the intended destination, the Question Screen:

So there’s no ‘current’ item data to filter for on the destination screen.

This is the same view showing the dropdown.

I’ve checked through the Forum and this seems to be an issue that crops up from time to time. I tried a lot of the suggestions like checking and deleting links to the related screens; or tried setting up a simple list on a new screen page with similar results. The data displays on the master screen but somehow won’t get passed to the detail view screen.

Any idea what might be causing this? Here’s a link to the app in its current state of chaos: Dating Rating

I would suggest deleting the detail screen and creating it again then pass the data again, It should work perfectly, I had some issues like that and I had to delete info screen and redesign

Hi @DaBoo ,

Take a look at this,

Thanx @Umar & @Yongki

It did indeed start working properly when I rebuilt both pages. Oddly enough, I moved the original Detail List to the new Detail screen, hooked up the filter, then moved it back to the original screen and it works fine. I’ll keep an eye out for the confounding data stream, though it’s such a simple app there aren’t many suspects.

I learned a lot about how Adalo works from this.

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FYI: @Umar & @Yongki

I think I found the probable issue. This giant question mark is in reality a button, part of a list that includes all the elements in the capture.

The Question Button makes 2 calls on separate databases, somewhat of a no-no, I’m guessing.

It increments a number parameter in the database to which it belongs while as well as Updating a USER RAND. It had been working but fixing the previous issue severed the connection to the USER database [I think.]

Anyway it should be easy to move the USER call, just thought this might help someone troubleshoot in the future.

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