Linked Data Missing - 'Current X' Selection

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I’ve had several of my app screens done and in TestFlight for weeks now, however yesterday I needed to make a change. Needless to say when I attempted to make the change the option for “Current X” when making a reference is missing when making a selection although it still pulls the from that X dataset.

See below screenshots, this looks like a bug however I’m unable to post it under Bug in the forums.

The correct option is ‘Current Job’ not ‘Current Company’. The screen has been working fine and was properly linked to its prior “Jobs” screen. Now somehow this is no longer the case and I can’t link it.

Please help! Thanks! :pray:

As you can see below… it’s still picking up the right field from “Current Jobs” however Current Jobs doesn’t even come up as a selection, instead it’s showing “Current Company”

PS: please take off the restriction of one screenshot per new user on the forums, it’s very hard to ask for help with this limitation.

Hi @jca,

What data is available on your Job Details screen depends on what data is being sent to it via links from other screens. If you have two links going to this screen and one link is sending Current Job and one is not, then Current Job will no longer be available in the magic text menu for this screen.

You can see what’s data is available on a screen selecting the whole screen by clicking its name on the canvas, and then in the left panel, expanding the Available Data section.

P.S. We removed the images/post limitation.

Hey @Ben

I’ve added another shot below of the data sources. The prior screen has a list of jobs and when a job is clicked it sends the user to that job’s page. It’s always worked perfectly fine now somehow the data is no longer linked and is grayed out making a reference to a totally unrelated screen (see below)

PS. Thanks for the restriction removal :pray:

It looks like your Notification Management screen is linking to your Job Details screen, which is making Current Job no longer available on the Job Details screen.

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I’m not sure that’s the case, as nothing is linked to it. See below.

Notifications screen

Jobs list screen

I experience the same Ben and have been posting about this a couple of weeks now…

Hey @Ben

Were you or someone in the team able to look into this issue? As previously stated this has been working fine all along and suddenly it’s not the case. I’ve not made any changes on my end.


Hi @Ben and @jca
If you guys have figured out this issue, please post it here as my app is on hold because of this issue…


So what it is saying is that the Notification Management screen somewhere has a link going to the job details screen. If you remove that link, then Current Job will be available again on the Job Details screen.

Hey @synergii @Ben

Ben is correct, somehow there was a connection between the two, that should have never been there in the first place. Odd thing is that this was never causing issues up until when I tried to edit something. Meaning it likely had been like that for a while.

In any case it’s all fixed. Thanks @Ben!

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