Rampant issue when trying to link data from page to page

I’ve noticed a terrible issue that seems to randomly drop linked data from other pages even when it’s appropriately set up with no conflicts.

Here’s an example:

The target page is missing current data. In this case, it’s the “Current Party.”

Both pages it refers too have the data I need “Current Party”:


Both links pass along “Current Party”:

Yet the page seems not to get it. When using my app in the preview, it works correctly, but I’m unable to make any edits because the editor refects that the linked data isn’t there. This has created a ton of roadblocks to making critical updates to my live app.

What I would do is to have different screens whenever link actions that lead to the screen that have different send data, this approach will make more screens than necessary but cleaner screen connections.

But if you want to just quick edit, delete link actions in other screens and have only the link actions that have same send data so it will not disrupt this available data.

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