Linking Across Separate Apps with a Shared Database

Pretty simple question that I just couldn’t find an answer to, so decided to hop over to the lovely forum.

I have a two apps that share a database and was just wondering if it’s possible to link between the two. I can’t seem to figure it out, so I’m guessing it isn’t, but just thought I’d see if anyone knew a way.

Here’s my exact example:
-I have a webapp and an iOS app that share a database. The webapp is more admin focused and I’d ideally like it to be able to update certain features of the iOS app. (Think Spotify phone app for listeners vs. Spotify for Artists desktop website.) So, I want to have users be able to click the “Update” button in the iOS app and be taken to the webapp. Possible/not possible?


Hi @brennanjmgmt,

To open your Webapp from a native app, you can use action Link to Website, and put the address of your webapp there.
Though please note that no session information will be transferred between the apps. So, if you link to the webapp, your user will not be logged-in to it at the first time. You can try to link to a specific page of your webapp (by copying URL from the browser and pasting it into the Link to Website action), though if user isn’t logged-in in the webapp, it might not be displayed correctly.

After user logs in to the webapp - the browser should cache the data and user should be able to browse the webapp. Though if cookies & cache are cleared - user will be logged-out again.

Best regards, Victor.


Thanks so much! Session information was what I was trying to send, but I think this is the best work around for now! I appreciate your help.

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