Native app and WebApp database linking


I have developed my app initially as native, i’m at the point now where i’d like to have some functionality in a web app. Not entirely rebuild the app but just a few bits.

I’m aware we can create a web app and share the database and i’ve tried this. However, if i add a new collection in my new web app it doesnt then create it in the native app too which is what i was expecting.

Am i too far in the process now to use this functionality, and instead i’ll have to do via an API ?

Any help appreciated.


I’ve managed to work this out, it was because i used a template on creation, i just had to create a blank one!

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Hi @MM792,

Just tested - for me everything worked perfectly: created the collection in one app, added some records, switched to another app - all is available.

How did you create the other app? Did you clone it? Or some other way?

Best regards, Victor.

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