Linking Navigation Bar

Hi there, I have a navigation bar with 4 tabs that I’m trying to link to different screens for different sets of data. I’m still new to this and this is the problem: when I want to link “home” to “search” tab, it tells me that the data from “home” (which is current posts) won’t be displayed in the “search” tab, which is okay, because it’s literally a different screen. When I try to link the third tab from the home screen, it tells me that the data I have on there won’t be available unless I remove the link (how will a user then get from the first to the third tab?). Am I missing a step or is linking tabs to their relevant screens more complicated than I thought?

Hi Pauline,

I would suggest that you watch these videos.

But actually I have no problem linking data flows to the next screen, it’s the fact that making the navigation bar active with its relevant data on each tab makes the data on that tab unavailable. I could’ve made every screen follow one another if I only had 1 collection of data but I have a navigation bar to represent different sets of data.

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