Linking to a different page depending on the day

I need the button to link to a different page, depending on the day. ie. even days it goes to screen A and odd days it goes to screen B.

How can I reference just the day of the current day?

Hi @HelenR ,

There is new feature coming few months ago, you can read here,

And as an alternative, we can have this too,

You can leverage this logic to be in your link conditional.

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Thanks @Yongki ! I’ve been able to isolate the day and have figured out that I can calculate it when I display the value ie day / 2 give can give me 2.5. How do I use this in the action field, as I can’t use it with the invisibility option?

So this is what I’m thinking I need to do. Isolate the day of the month (ie, 1,2 … 31) and then divide that by 2 to see if the day is an odd number. If an odd number when the user clicks on class - take the user to odd days classes if this is an even day - take the user to even day classes

Thanks for your help

To use in visibility, you need to have a variable to compare, if it is number, store them in your users collection, so you can reach them with logged in user, you can call them temporary something.

For modulus formula, here it is.

Basically we want the fraction, so to get that we use INT function as subtractor, but probably I can’t explain it better. :smiley:


Thanks @Yongki

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