"Click action" dependent on "Current time"

I want one button to link to different screens depending on the current time using click actions.
If the current time is between 11:00 AM and 11:01 AM (1 min) I want to link to Screen A
If the current time is between 11:01 AM and 11:00 AM (23h 59 min) I want to link to Screen B
My users do not have any accounts.

(1) Is that possible?
(2) What is the basis of the current time? What timezone is that? Is that set by Adalo?

Thanks for your input!

adalo time are a bit complicated, they use a decimal format starting from 1/1/1970 and depending on the time zone that decimal number changes

That means today 27/11/2021 is 18958 days days past 01/01/1970. The decimal represent the fraction of time per day. If you want to add 1 day you can just calculate [image] If you want to add minutes you have to use the fraction of 1/1440 for 1 minute

I need the time frames to be based on Central European Time (CET) = (UTC+1) and everyday. It needs to be the correct CET time on the second

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