List filtering not working

Hi, I’m pretty sure other topics have touched on this but I can’t find a specific answer.

I have a list of notifications with an X in the top corner. The X updates a true / false field called hidden. The list is filtered by whether or not hidden is true, so when the X is hit, the item disappears from the list.

This was working fine.

I made some other unrelated changes to the list and now it isn’t working.

When the X is hit, it does appear to update the collection correctly, but it doesn’t leave the list.

I had a similar issue with likes and unlike, had it working but then it didn’t update within the list.

Can anyone shed some light on this please because it’s doing my noodle??!!


Hi @JLCSerious,

Is it possible you to show filters and preview from a video? Does this happens still?

Thank you

Hi mate, so I deleted it again, and rebuilt it and it works.

The likes thing doesn’t though!! Cheers

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