Custom list is terribly misaligned in previews on both phone, desktop

Hi, custom lists in preview are showing up misaligned in preview on desktop an phone; not sure what I’m doing wrong here. All components are well within the list rectangle. Screen shots of both the design, and how it’s showing up in the previews:

  1. Design:

  2. Preview (same issue on desktop preview, and phone)
    Screen Shot 2021-11-06 at 9.09.29 PM

Layouts can be tricky, but one thing that is probably throwing off your design here is having the tick and cross icons sitting on top of the follow back button. Try, instead, snapping them to the bottom of the follow back button (snapping so that the guidelines are showing when you drag the icons). Then if the button doesn’t show, the icons should shift up and take the place of the button.

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Yup, this solved it. Thank you so much!

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