List Header for Custom Lists?

Simple lists have a header (for the entire list, I mean; not for each individual item). I haven’t quite figured out how to make a header that will disappear with the list if it’s in an empty state (like the header for simple lists does).

I figured it would be a matter of positioning some text above the list item’s rectangle, but I’m either doing that wrong or that doesn’t work. Anyone have any tips? Thanks!!

Hi, @Mary. This is not possible for custom lists, It’s called custom list for a reason, you can add components to a custom list. So, you can try making your own header with the “enter text” component.

Thanks @XaverRavr. That’s what I mean. I tried to do that and it doesn’t appear to work. Anything added towards the top of the custom list gets treated like it’s in the area displaying the first listed record, which means it also gets copied and displayed for all of the other records. I’ve tried changing the locations and sizes of the other components to make sure it wasn’t simply a matter of it overlapping but that doesn’t do it.

Do you have a screenshot of that working that you could share so I could see what I’m not doing that you’re able to so that I can replicate it?

I’m on mobile right now, i will send you dome screenshots later :slight_smile:

That’d be great. Thanks.

Hi, @Mary. I have figured out how to do this! You have to group a text box with the custom list and put the text box on top of the custom list as shown here:

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the screenshot, @XaverRavr. That’s what I’d done previously but, unless I’m doing it wrong, the header doesn’t disappear with the list if the list is in an empty state (like the header for a simple list does) and so it doesn’t quite work for my use case.

Setting visibility conditions for the group or the header text doesn’t work either since almost all of my lists’ filters are more complicated than visibility conditions allow for, so I’m still on the hunt for a way to add a header that will be a part of the list (or some other way) so that it will disappear with that list.

I’ll give it a try :wink:

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