Header text above a simple list... How can I hide the text when there's no results in the list below it?

If there’s no results in a Simple List, how can I stop the header text I have above it from appearing?

Or is there another way to put a title above my list?

You can apply conditional visibility to your header text. So If List count is greater than 0 then this text is visible.

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Seems so simple but I can’t figure it out…

My true/false boolean is in my linked “line items” table, but going to Current Recipe -> Line Items gets me in some kind of loop and none of the options show me that boolean it seems. The UI just repeats itself…

Do they need to be in a group, or a list (the header and the list?)

Here’s a screenshot:

You have to click on Count :upside_down_face:

You could apply this to a grouped (Header+list) or anything else really…it’s up to your imagination :wink:

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I tried that, I think it doesn’t work because the count of line items for the recipe might be 15, but the boolean is only set to true for maybe 2 of the 15 rows…

The results of the list filtering returns the right 2 rows, but maybe the count is still above 0

Here’s a screenshot of the settings, and then a recipe in the middle with no substitutes (the problem), and the one on the right has substitutes and shows correctly.

Thank you for trying to help me!!

Oops, my bad…in your screenshot you selected current recipe.
The condition should apply to your “Recipes” table.

Like I said just apply conditional visibility to your header text > Sometime’s visible > Will be visible if recipes count is greater than 0

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Okay that wasn’t quite it but I got it!

Current Recipe -> Line Items -> Count

Is Greater Than 0


Custom Filter -> Possible Substitutions -> Is True

On the group. :slight_smile:

Many thanks I couldn’t figure this out!!

Glad you found a solution! remember when sometimes things gets complicated just listen to this it should get you thru the day haha :rofl:


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