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Me again, im new here.

Im having trouble with buttons on lists. I can create lists and add images / text to each one but I can only get all the buttons to link to the same page.

How can I send different buttons to different pages?


Please share a screenshot of the list

Is each Action on each buttons or one Action on List Item ?

this may help!

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trythis option and set conditional to what screen you link

for example if you have 3 different screens, you should make 3 different actions with “Sometimes…” conditional

I have same problem. I have list of 28 posts (it is fitness app (fitness challenge and it is 28 day long challenge))

What I want!?

I want to acchive when I click on one post (one day) to open one screen with video (and in that page is one video with training), then wneh I click on Day 2 to open next screen with another video, then Day 3 and etc…

So that would be easy if I could make that one button links to one screen, but it is not possible because buttons can be linked only on one page.

How to fix this?

sorry, didnt get you

when you link to screen you send data to this screen ( current data ), from list to details, but always your first screen should be linked on some data ( i think it’s main concept screen = data )

for example you have 3 ( A, B, C ) types of data in list - list is over 1345 records ( for example )

when you make actoin to link to another screen - check type and set conditional to do
or make 3 buttons with hide ( but in that case you will have pain with positions x.y )

are you anderstand this, is that helpfull ?

imagine MVC - model it is your database, controller is your actions, view is your screen, every component on screen linked on data, every action work with data

Sorry, I have no idea what you mean.

I have created a card list, the card list all I want is to link the cards to the correct pages.

I have no option to link to different pages, only one page for every card on the list.

I have created a new button but this only appears on the first card and not on all and there is no option for me to add more buttons with separate actions.

I can’t understand how this is so difficult, this is probably the most used feature in an app, moving between pages.

I would really appreciate some clear guidance. @adalo

could you please show your screen ?

one button have several actions “Link” with “Sometimes” conditional:

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