List in a custom list not updating for users, but updates in DB. List updates in PWA if browser is refreshed

I’ve looked this up and found many with the same question, but no resolutions, hopefully I’m just not finding it and someone has an answer that can help me…

In my PWA, I have two relational collections in my DB, one is “Machines” and the other is “Jobs.” The user can select from the list of “Jobs” which ones are applicable to a Machine.

I have a screen with a custom list that shows the List of Machines and within the custom list of each Machine a simple list showing what Jobs the user has selected for that machine.

When the user selects a button/Job in the custom list they are taken to a screen for the machine they selected that allows them to select which Jobs are applicable to that machine.

When they return to the Machines custom list screen, the simple list is not updated, though if you look at the database it is updated correctly. It is also correct if you go back into the screen where the user can select the applicable jobs.

You can navigate to other pages of the PWA and go back to the Machines custom list and the simple list is never updated.

If, however, you refresh the browser, the simple list gets update to reflect what is actually in the DB.

It seems like a pretty basic function that an app should be able to do, and I understand it may be more complicated under the hood, but I really need a resolution.

Note that in the gif below it is “End Reasons” being selected instead of “Jobs,” but the issue is still the same. Also, if you want an extended and narrated view of the issue, you can view it here:


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