List not loading

So I have a list of work items, but it is not showing up right.
My only thoughts are that the data is not being properly carried from screen to screen.
It did work with an image list though.
Any thoughts?

can anyone help?

Probably associated with the outage - I am new around here…I literally signed up for paid plan yesterday. Is this a common occurrence? If so, I just wasted a lot of time building an app on adalo for no reason.

Yeah me too. My lists are just spinning.

Same issue here. Everyth ing seems to be down. Lists linked to a map are all down and having trouble registering new users.

My app is not working here. Any news?

They reported a major issue at 8:47pm. Looks like they are working on it.

Updates? Adalo Status states that all is back to normal but I can’t access my apps yet

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