List not updating when using Switch button component

I have two lists on one page. I use the Switch Button Component to cycle between the two using visibility rules. This works fine when the page first loads, but when I go to another page and then back to the list page, the screen is empty. I must then cycle the Switch Button to get the list back. Anyone have any experience with this?

Hi @Eccles,

Could you show this behavior and your setup from a video? You can use Loom.

Thank you

@dilon_perera Video uploaded. Did you get a chance to check?

Thanks for the video! Hmm… Need to see your setup. Could you share a video showing your setup too? Or you can give access for this email ( ) and I’ll take a look and inform the issue here!

Sent you an invitation

Thanks! I see the problem. I think that’s a issue with that component. You can Submit a Support Ticket!

But I made it with a input component! Checked and working well! Let me know if that works for you too!

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