List pusches down button which is hided by Tab Bar

Hi evereyone :slight_smile:
I have a List and under it i have a Button.
By upgrading the list with items my button gets pushed down and becomes hidden by the Tab Bar.

How can i solve this?

Hi @OverViewMe,

If you scroll the list, does the button appear?

There are 2 possible workarounds:

  • if you want the button to appear when you scroll down the list, add a rectangle (you can make background and borders invisible/white), and put it directly on a same place as bottom tab bar. Arrange the components (Screen on left tab → components section) so that rectangle is below/under the tab bar. This will create an empty space before the screen bottom and your button should appear.
  • if you’d like the button to be always visible, then add a rectangle under it (like on a screenshot attached), make it white/invisible, arrange the components so that rectangle is under the button, group rectangle + button + line, and then at “Edit styles” of this new group (left pane bottom) set “Fixed” to “Bottom”.


HI Victor
How can we add multiple actions to share button ?
I wanted to share photo, app link and users referral code.
Is this possible ?

Hi @dev011,

With “Share” action you can share only a single string, as far as I remember.