List result on the same page

Hello. I want to have an avatar list on top of Resource page (linked to my resource database collection within Adalo). The avatar list is small on top of the page, so I have a lot of empty space below the avatar list. Is there any way to show the result of the list (resource picture, description, link) right below the avatar list on the same page instead of going to another page for list result? Thanks!

Oh my goodness, I have found a workaround. I want the list to display 40 resources dynamically on the same page after user click onto the list icon. I cloned the resources page (I have Resources, Resources2) and the avatar list in R1 would point to R2, avatar list in R2 would point to R1. Each page will show result from the last page avatar list selection so it looks like the results are showing “dynamically” on the same screen but it’s really just 2 screens pointing to each other.

If there’s a way to make the avatar list show result on the same page dynamically, please show me. Thank you!

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