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Hello everyone,

I have a modal page bringing up a custom list with multiple items in it. I would like the user to select one and take them to the relevant page.

For example, when they click the first rectangle, would like them to go to Concerts page. Second rectangle should take them to Lost and Found page and etc.

I tried multiple ways but they all go to concert page at the moment. Not to the selections of the user.

How can I link them so that they go to their relative pages?


Hi @serkanyerdan,

You cannot send a user to different screens within your app based on a list. That would also require the same amount of screens for each item in the list. Which is not dynamic nor scalable.

There are 2 options here:

  1. Do not use a list and create an individual element for each page and link them individually to the desired screen. (This is a static solution and not scalable)

  2. Create properties in the collection related the information you would like to display on each of these “pages”. (E.G Title, Descption, Image, etc) Everything you would want to display on that page when the user clicks on it.

Then create a single screen that loads that current items data in to the page.

It is this dynamic ability that separates a static website from a web app.

Interesting. I’ll go ahead and give it a try.

Would you mind telling me more on how I can combine multiple page content into a single dynamic page? Are you referring to visibility options or something else?

@serkanyerdanI would suggest to go through some of our help documents and videos that will give you a better understanding of this than I can explain over text.

Thanks @anon78309838, will do!

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