Lists and Records not syncing

Okay so the issue is this…

I have a 10 screens with tips on a subject on each screen. At the bottom of the screen is a “Next” and “Previous” button. In the database I have each item listed, name, image, and information. All 10 records are listed in the order the should appear on the app when clicked one to the other. The problem im running into is when viewing in the preview mode it doesn’t start at the correct “tip” and it only shows 5 of the 10 pages created. Am i missing something here? It should be pretty straight forward.

Can you screenshot the screens and link to the app preview so we can see?

How are you linking to the next screen?

Each page is link to the one before and after it with “next” and “previous” buttons.

Once signed up I go on a page, the lets go button is sending me one the sign in and I can’t go futher

Should take you to the homescreen after sign up and login. Just tried it.

For starters, I think you can slim that down quite a bit. By using a collection of tips and tricks, you set only 1 screen for all of the tips & tricks without having to have a screen for each one.

Then, on your list of tips & tricks, when a user clicks an item in the list, take them to the 1 screen that dynamically loads the text and image for the current tip.

You should also add a number parameter and call this “Tip ID” to this tips & tricks collection and number them sequentially. You can set a next and previous button on the bottom of that screen. Nest the previous button within a list of tips & tricks with a filter for “Tip ID” is less than “Current Tip ID” and sort the list by “Tip ID” from high to low and limit it to 1 result. Link the button to a new screen and call it “Loading Screen”. We’ll get back to this.

Do the same for the “Next” button. Create a list from the button with tips & tricks. Filter to “Tip ID” is greater than “Current Tip ID” and sort it from low to high. Limit it to 1 result. Link the button to the screen created in the previous paragraph, the “Loading Screen”.

On the loading screen, drop a countdown component in and set it 1 second. Create a list from the countdown timer of “Tips & Tricks” and filter the list “Tip ID” is equal to “Current Tip ID” since the new tip was clicked in the previous/next buttons. Set the countdown timer finished action to link back to the screen that contains the detailed info (Do not use back, use the screen name).

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