List Scolling Bug?

I’m trying to create a list of items that only shows a couple of them on the page at the a time, but no matter what settings I choose the list just shows all the items on the screen at once. I thought lists were supposed to scroll within their containers, not load the entire list on the screen.

Is this a bug, or am I not understanding how the list is supposed to work?

Here’s a video

Hello, the video is not showing because private.

However, to make a list showing only 2 elements, there is the maximum number of elements to show in the options of the list.



Ah I fixed it, I meant to make them unlisted, not private.

Maybe I didn’t explain what I mean well enough.

I want the list to show the entire contents of the list, but only in the space of 2 items and have the list scroll within that space.

Is that not how lists work? I thought that was kind of the point…

Hi @naossoan,

You can’t have a “paged lists” by default. Lists display the items of the collection, sorted as you’ve set it, and filtered as you’ve set it.

Also unfortunately you can’t make a list scrollable “inside a frame” on the page.

It is possible to implement pagination, but some extra logic for that is needed. I have some draft video tutorial about that, but will not finish it until next week. The idea is to have IDs for each list item, and filter list by the range of these IDs.

Best regards, Victor.


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