List with video posts

I am trying to make a video-sharing website using the Adalo program. Is it possible to create a “post” and then view it in a list? The video tutorial I’ve been watching only uploads images. Is this possible?

Hey welcome @CColeman ! Yes this is totally possible.

Create your collection called “Posts” add a “file” property to the collection.

When adding a post, select the video for the file. In the post list view add the video player component, and then pull the URL from the file and it will play within the Video Player component within the list. In basic terms that’s it.


You may need to set up a few things to check if the file type is actually a video… and you may also need to grab a frame from the video so it displays as a thumbnail. Pagination may also need to be considered for performance. With the help of Custom Actions (APIs - all very doable)

A few things hopefully to get you on your way - but totally possible with Adalo.

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