Is this possible with Adalo?


I’m new to Adalo. I’m trying to put together at least the MVP of an app idea I have. I’m trying to figure out if something is possible in Adalo or any existing available plugin. If the answer is yes, I’m happy to pay for a clone-able demo, or sit down for a paid tutorial on how to get set up. (I have some experience with entry level python and website design, so hopefully, I won’t be too hard to teach) :smile:

The feature question I have is this:

1, is it possible to create a playlist of sorts that contains media from different sources and types? Eg, a youtube video plays, followed by a “local” video, followed by maybe a tiktok video, then maybe a couple of mp3 songs back to back.

2, is it possible to share this playlist with another user?

3, is it possible to have a carousel type button menu to select the items for this play list? It is ok if, for example, the button for video, creates a pop up allowing you to browse/enter the location of the video you want to add

Question 3 is the least important feature, because it is an aesthetic requirement that can no doubt be fulfilled in a different manner

Thanks for your time, and I’m looking forward to your response.

I think I don’t understand what you mean by points 1 and 3, but I can answer you for the

2: I have tried for some time to do this, but I have not been able, maybe someone else can help us.

1: it is possible to show different things within a list, you have to play with the “sometimes visible”, but to help you better I need more information

3: it is possible to make a pop up come out, just create a “modal” window, that is, it has a transparent background and, when you go to make the connection, set “modal” as a transitions method.

In order to help you better we need more explanations

Hello, welcome to the forum

To share a list from one app user to another user:

Make a many-to-many relationship that is of users and list

When you create your list, you update current list and add logged in user…

To share you can put a button that takes you to another screen with a list of users.
On that screen the info of current list was dragged

In the list of users you put a button that you like that when clicked updates the current list … users: add current user to the list

To see my playlists, it must be a list and the filter that users all contains logged in user

I recommend you Try and Play with Adalo… you will succeed if you don’t give up!

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thanks for taking time to respond

Thanks for taking time to respond!

Hello @AntU !

I’m Sophia Johnson, the CMO of Boglex Software, and I saw your doubt about Adalo functionalities. So, we, as an experienced team of Adalo developers can say all of your requirements are possible to do in Adalo. We have also done a very simple YouTube clone, you can check it out here :, and we have a huge experience in Adalo development and other technologies.

We can help you choose the best technology that fits on your product requirements and bring life to your idea.

Feel free to reach us:
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Kind regards,

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