Onboard screen without register form

There is no registration in my application, and it is not needed. I want to create an onboard screen that will only appear when the user opens the app for the first time. That is, like this: the user downloaded for the first time, opened the application, the onboard screen appeared. And the next time you use the onboard, the screen should not appear. Is it possible to do this?

Hi @Sattily,

Enjoy: Adalo quick help: onboarding screen which appears only one time - case with non registered users - YouTube

Best regards, Victor.


Awesome Video Victor! :ok_hand: Appreciate the efforts!

Victor you should add this on the Resources and Tutorials category!

Just a quick question : When it’s comes to Native does the input clears the value when always a user opens the app or does not clear and works as PWA?


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