Loading spinner for hidden list hanging around forever

Anyone else noticing a list with visibility rules displays the loading spinner forever until you go back and revisit the page?

Hi Briggsy,

Custom List right? I also noticed this and Victor said this maybe a bug in Adalo. And he said a workaround that worked for him is to group the the components inside the list and add the visibility condition there and remove the visibility condition that you have added to the list. And it worked for me too!

And now if we add a filter like name > contains>input then now the list is empty until I enter a value in the input. 🐞 Bug Fix: List Searching/Filtering Inconsistencies | Adalo Changelog

Thank you

Hey Dilon :slight_smile:

Thanks for that tip I’ll give it a try.

Yeah I love that about custom search. I’ve got it set to only show the list when a character matches a character of a property in the filtered collection and also (obviously) only show properties cointaining the characters inputted.

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Thanks again mate. Just confirming that solution works. I had to revisit this thread to be reminded of how to do it haha. A really great tip & trick!

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