List and custom filter bug


I have a list with a custom filter.
With the preview, it looks like the list appears without the custom filter during few milliseconds and then the list appears with the custom filter.

Sometimes I can even click on the bad list item. It’s really dangerous for the app…

Any idea ?

Use a relationship parameter between users and modules.

Then, instead of using “All Modules”, you’d use “Logged-in user > Modules” with the filter ID module is equal to loggedin user parcours 2…

This will prevent other records from loading that the user is not supposed to see.

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Hi @Nirvana,

Based on my experience that when opening the app it takes like 1 second to load the logged in user data. I added a visibility condition to the list after grouping the list as Logged in user’s > email > is not equal > to empty and then I added a text component that display the logged in user email and then once I preview both are displaying together!

Check this : filter list by my id.mp4 - Google Drive

And also you can try turning on this setting : Latest Performance Updates

Or an easy and a great solution will be connecting them and add that filter like Flawless mentioned!

Thank you

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Thanks to dilon_perera I understand the why.
I tried your visibility trick but it still doesn’t work.

Yes it will be cleaner with relationship.
But I am a newbie ann I don’t know how to give the user a module when he signups.
The user has 3 different “parcours” and I want for each “parcours” a relationship with one module.
For example, for every new user, I want:
Parcours 1 - module 1
Parcours 2 - module 2
Parcours 3 - module 3
How to do that.
An update during the signup screen when he clicks the button signup (s’inscrire in french).
Is it dirty/risky with the same button to signup and to update at the same time ?


I got just what you need right here: How To Add A Collection of Items To Another Collection of Items Within Adalo - YouTube

I made this tutorial a while back. Seems to fit the situation.

Based on my experience adding visibility conditions to the list will take sometime to load.

Make the list as a group clicking the three dots > make group.


And add the visibility condition to the group! ( I have showed this in the video )

Or you can group the components inside the list and add the visibility condition to that group!

Here you can use the Countdown Trick that Flawless mentioned above!

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