Visibility condition - Show only if a search on a list returns nothing

Hi guys,

I’m curious. Has anyone achieved this and how?

I have a list of items and a search bar linked to that list. Whatever I input in the search bar, the list will update showing matching results.

What I can’t figure out how to do is, when the search returns nothing (because there are no matching results), how can I show a related message or animation?

Because that message/animation can only be presented if the search result is empty. But that logic per se doesn’t exist in Adalo.

So how would one achieve that?

Thank you.


List should go normal, like a textbox and custom list where field contain > textvalue

and you can add a text/image with conditional visibility based on count = 0 of the desired search collection with filter as follow


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Thank you!

Just thought to share this too that may help :raised_hands:! : Create a “NO RESULT FOUND” for custom list - #3 by dilon_perera

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Hello, as @mohmdfawzi mentioned, this can solve the visibility problem for sure.

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