Location Input and Text Input Design to Work Together?

Looking for a little design guidance for best user experience.

  1. On one screen they have the ability to enter a keyword into a TEXT INPUT component that gets matched again, POI Name, Description, Taxonomy and other things to display relevant POI records on a Map component and on a list Component on the same screen.

  2. On another screen they have the ability to enter a location into the LOCATION INPUT component that is used to display relevant POI records on a Map component and on a list Component nearby.

The goal is to merge these two screens that are designed the same and have the same intent to show POI results somehow because it seems odd to send the user to 2 separate screens with identical layouts with one search by keywords and one searching by addresses.

Here are some options I thought of and would appreciate any feedback on proposed solutions or new ideas.

  1. Option 1 → create a toggle that flips between Address Search and Keyword Search. The components on the page get switched. Text input component hides and location input becomes visible, Map looking for text input value hides and map looking for location input value becomes visible, etc… (I think this is achievable with visibility settings but haven’t tried)

  2. Option 2 → User clicks a map icon and send them to an identical screen but with the location input with map and list working off of location input. (Seems odd to have almost 2 identical screens)

  3. Option 3 → encourage the user to also enter location key words (i.e. San Francisco, Florida, 123 Smith Lane, etc…) in the TEXT INPUT and then update my map and list filters with another OR condition to check they key word against POI location (might be challenging as they might enter a state, city or street address)

Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

Here’s what I ended up doing. I realized that the location input allows for searching “Place” names on google. I could then get a distance to that the address associated with the place name OR an address the users entered relevant to the list of locations in my collection to display on a map or on a list.

You could still have the text input as a “keyword” filter to add as an AND condition for the searches. However, I decided to drop that all together as the location input (with place name search ability) replaced the text input search which was just searching on names of locations.

Hope this helps others.

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