User Inputs Lost

Hi, I am creating a webapp that displays information based on user inputs. My user flow is as follows:

  1. A user inputs their address and is taken to a page with a list of retailers in their area based on their input.
  2. Once they land on this screen they can filter the retailers based on the type of products they sell.

The problem I’m running into is that when a user tries to change the filter their address is lost resulting in an inaccurate list.

How do I fix this?

Hi @naeemcaza,

Did you added a default value to the Location input located in the screen where the user sees the retailers? You can populate that location input default value with the location input value located on the modal. Or you could store that address on a logged in user location property and for the default value add that.

Thank you

Well I didn’t want users to be able to click and change the address from this screen because it would make it harder to filter the list so I created that element to look just like a location input but not do anything. It is made up of an icon, a text label with magic text that displays previous user input, and a rectangle.

Also my app doesn’t support user accounts yet. Is their a way I can create an account for each user then delete it after they are done using it?

Try this out. Instead of using magic text to display that previous input, remove the default value and leave it blank.

On your screenshot from #1, add an action to “More > Change input value” to change the input on screen #2 and set the value of the address the user has selected.

By doing it this way, you’ll be passing the address to the next screen’s input.

Just an idea but worth a shot.

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