Location input propositions are behind a list

Hello everyone,
I’m having a problem with my webapp, when I enter a location on the location input component, the differents localisation proposition are behind a List that i created just under ( example on the picture).
I already tried to arrange the position with “brign forward” and " send to the front" but it’s not working.
It works on the normal app but not on the webapp. If you have any idea how to solve this i would love to know it.
Thank you

Hi @Clement1,

Does this issue solved for you? If not,

Is this a responsive or a legacy app? If it’s legacy does the list’s fixed type enabled to top? And if it’s responsive does the stick while scrolling switch enabled for the list?

Thank you

yes it was solved in another topic. That was a responsive app and the sticky while scrolling was off. The problem came from the custom layout settings. If you put a list under a location input and change the layout of the location input, this create the bug.

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