Location input not working for responsive app

Hello everyone,
I’m having a problem with my webapp, when I enter a location on the location input component, the differents localisation proposition are behind a List that i created just under ( example on the picture).
I already tried to arrange the position with “brign forward” and " send to the front" but it’s not working.
It works on the normal app but not on the webapp. If you have any idea how to solve this i would love to know it.
Thank you

Hi @Clement1,

Interesting. Just tested - put a location input above the list I have - the dropdown works just fine.
Maybe you’ve made this list “Sticky while scrolling”? In this case it’ll be displayed above the “non-sticky” elements.
And for the Location dropdown the values’ list stays under sticky element (shouldn’t be the case for regular dropdown - I assume because regular dropdown uses browser’s native dropdown function).

Just in case - you will observe the same behaviour with “fixed to top” settings in legacy app versions.

Best regards, Victor.

Hi @Victor
Thank you for according your time to this problem.
After a couples verifications, i didn’t made the list “sticky while scrolling” and even if i try to create on another responsive app a location input above a list i’m always having this issue. Maybe it’s a problem with my account because even the support team said they wheren’t facing this issue on their screen.
If you have any other idea i would love to know it :slight_smile:


I Discovered and with the help of the support, the issue was because i was using the “custom layout settings” and when you are using the shared layout setting it work perfectly :slight_smile:

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