Logged in user - app to webapp in Adalo

I have looking through all the topics and it does not seem this specific issue has been address - apologies if I am wasting time.

We are building an app in Adalo and we have some elements that need to be on a website and we built that in Adalo as well. We have shared the database so they both share the same database.
When we call webview - it loaded the webpage fine BUT the webpage does not know who the logged in user is. We don’t want the user to log in again because as far as they are concerned they are still in the app.

We have tried lots of things like creating a custom action - where we can write information about the logged in user to a collection that can be read by a custom action in the webapp. But this does not log in the user in the webapp.

We just signed up for the external users beta -but in many ways this seems overkill as everything we are trying to do is in Adalo already and they share the same database.

We we call the webview we don’t see anyway to send information (like a token) into the webview for the webapp to use to log the user in.

Just feels like we are missing something simple - any help is appreciated

If they are already signed in the mobile app it does not sign in automatically in the web app. There is no possible way do this even with shared databases. On the web app you have to login again.

So would treating this as an external resource be a way forward?

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