Login with Discord?

Hi, I’m planning to make a web app and then post the link for the app in my Discord channel. When users click on that link, I want them to login to the web-app using only their Discord profile. Ideally, it should only ask for login once, and the next time they visit that website it should be already signed in. The web app will present info specific to the user logged in.

How can I do this in Adalo? Is this something I can do with 3rd party authentications, or with external users linking? I don’t know if either of these features have been released yet though, but I remember reading something about these coming soon a couple of months ago.

I found this doc on OAuth2 for Discord, but I really have no idea how to connect APIs by myself, or how to make it work with Adalo. I can follow tutorials as long as they explain the process step-by-step for newbies :cry:

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