Show the profile your viewings links

Hey there! I am building out a profile for my users. I seem to have gotten most of everything down, but halfway through I realized I messed up.

So I created fields on the edit profile page of the users. I added social media links such has Facebook,Instagram and Snapchat.

So going back to the actual profile I added text fields and it seems that I can only put “logged in user’s” links into the field that would display on the profile page. Which I’m assuming would show the person viewing the profile’s links instead of the person who the profile is lol??

Is their any workaround I’m not sure why these are my only options in the magic text fields.

You should create 2 separate screens:

  1. Public profile screen

This is the screen where you display user info such as the user’s social links. You will need to send that data to this screen. The data would be “Current User”. Of course, this data will have to come from a list in order to send it.

  1. Private profile screen

This screen is for the user to edit their profile and view their info. You will not need to send the data to this screen as it will be available from the “logged in user” menu.

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