Login + api bug?

how to prevent go to Home-screen if login fail?

Hello, you should make the action of linking to Home screen sometimes available: Only when users => all contains logged in user.

no such :slightly_frowning_face: evgeniy-g

Ohh yes, it looks like you’re using an external users login. So you have no users collection in your app’s database.

Hi @ezodoc,

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Which API are you using for external users?

Thank you

Hello, Here’s a guide from Adalo about the external collections integration External Collections with APIs - Adalo Resources

http://bubble.io api

@ezodoc, could you share a screenshot of the actions attached to the login button?

Could you show a screenshot of the condition added to the Link action there?

now i do this https://i.vgy.me/SW2mK0.jpg
*but my trial is over

Could you add a condition like this?

Ooops… Unfortunately you need to upgrade your plan to a paid plan.