External users beta - enforce Auth before moving to screen

I have set up the external users’ beta for sign-in and got the API token returned successfully.
However, when I build the login screen, I want to make sure that the sign-in is successful before moving to the next screen. Currently, I followed the tutorial and I added a move to screen action after the log in action on the same button.
However, even if I use the wrong username/PWD, it still moves to the next screen.

I have the same problem…

I also have a same issue…

In my case, I followed Youtube’s tutorial to add an action to the button. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be possible to set an error message that way either.

The tutorial was very clear and helped me a lot.
I hope that the Adalo team will be able to solve this problem for you.

I got this working by using Conditional Actions - Adalo Resources
And setting the screen action to work only if the user login token is not empty