Login Error: Showing First Time User Already Signed in on another Account

Hi - we just had a QA tester run through our web-app. And they encountered the problem of:

“I have opened the web app in my smartphone and it was already showing as Signed up. There
was a label of Phone number and Email and Logout option as shown in Figure 1.” None of the email, password or etc was filled in.login error

How do we fix this?

Hi @ola77,

It might be good to check which screen is set to “welcome screen”.

Just checked on your domain - there is definitely something wrong with the welcome screen setting. I would advice to check the user flow thought the app - what do you see them to do.

Also, perhaps you need to set it to this screen with “eco eats” logo and funny animation.


Thanks haven’t had time to run through everything to correct what’s mentioned after testing. But this is our home screen and he’s the first to encounter this problem. I know for me I create multiple accounts- dont log back into them. But have never had an account already exaisting unless I didnt log out from before.

Attached is our home screen that has the suggestion mentioning. It’s in animation but this is a picture.

Hi @ola77,

Just to clarify:

  • Home screen is the 1st screen, which is seen by logged-in users
  • Welcome screen is the 1st screen, which is seen by NOT logged-in users

When I open the app for the 1st time, I see this:

Do you want the NEW users to see it?

No they’re supposed to see profile first. The database isnt populated try the link now.

The options we want for phase 1:

  • Login
  • Edit profile
  • update Profile seen
  • Forget password (need to make sure works)
  • businesses upload food
  • sms greeting text
  • tell a friend (campaign will turn on before we send to store)

Working on:

  1. we added signin with Google, may take time for approval
  2. Adding filters for when food is uploaded so people look by food type not resteraunt name.
  3. Change food browsing UI

Side note we fixed profile info showing on all user types.

We just want to make sure first time users dont see/have an existing account logged in.

Hi @ola77,

Now I see that you’ve made a login screen to be a “Welcome screen”.
However, please note, that if a user doesn’t have an account - he/she would never be able to register, as you don’t provide any link for that :slight_smile:

As an advice - when you create a “user flow”, you could try to formulate using some kind of “questions-answers” user-stories framework.
For example:
Q: As a new unregistered user, what should I see, when I open the app?
A: I should see a login screen with a signup option.

Q: As a registered user, what should I see, when I open the app some next time?
A: I should see a screen with menu.

And so on.

Best regards, Victor.

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Thanks I just checked. If they are not signed in it starts at a greeting page followed by onboarding screens.

If they are signed and return to the app it takes them to the login page.

This page directs 5 different users to their profiles. The only way around not logging in would be making a new welcome page that takes each type of user to their page they should see depending if they’re a consumer or business - not hard to do. Thanks for commenting on a better flow. So far we have not had an new user open to an existing account which was our biggest concern.

Hi @ola77,

I’m not sure reg. your 1st statement.
This is what I get when I open the domain in the browser (Private window - never been there and never registered):

Also: if the user has already signed up and logged in into the app, why would you want a returning user to re-login?

What you should see only for registered users. But that’s actually part of the problem - a first time user shouldn’t have access to this page until they logged in - so why is this popping up if they haven’t logged in?

Hi @ola77,

That’s what I was trying to explain before - you need to have a look at your Home & Welcome screens and set them correctly.
For example, see here:

Best regards,

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