Multsided App - Shared Database User Login


I am having issues with the home screen/welcome screen for my multisided app.
The situation is as follows.

1st app: Contractor
2nd App: Supplier

1st app sign in. Home and welcome screen works fine.
2nd app sign in. When I preview the app it goes directly to Home Screen assuming that user is logged in (which is not the case). It does not perform any actions as well. Just get stuck.

In order to avoid this, I have to log out from 1st app.
After this, 2nd app works fine (welcome screen etc.)

The situation is vice versa for App1 as well.

I am assuming this is happening because of shared database.
Can somebody please share any tips?

Thank you

Hi @jiwani87 ,

Do you use different browsers ?

Better practice, use redirect screen and boolean property in users collection, so you can direct to different home screens.

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Hi @Yongki,

Many thanks for the reply.

I tested App 1 in normal Chrome while App 2 in Incognito.
It WORKS. many thanks!!!

are cache issues normal or any there any tips to avoid this.

Thanks in advance.

Glad it works.

It is normal to clear cache frequently, we can avoid automatic logout that is triggered after some time by cookies.

I have been collecting different browsers, but the most I use is Edge beta and Brave, Chrome and Opera are additional if I need extra hands.

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